Twitter Secret Santa Art Exchange

Welcome to the 2014 Art Exchange!

July 7th - August 31st

Where artists on twitter/tumblr secretly make art for each other! It's good times! If you'd like to participate just let @Mishaweha know on twitter.

Special thanks go out to @LoreliAoD ( This year the site is hosted by @Mishaweha, who blantantly took its design and contents from the previous years' sites (thanks, Loreli!).

Confirmed Artists

@Mishaweha, @walkstweets, @Obsidian_Dragon, @Alairthephoenix

Finished Art

Artist For Image
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Mishaweha ?
walkstweets ?
Obsidian_Dragon ?
Alairthephoenix ?

The Rules

1. You will be assigned someone to draw for. It's a surprise, so don't tell them you're drawing for them. :)

2. By July 7th, please try to e-mail/DM me references, or a link to references' for whatever character/s you would like drawn. I will then toss up all the links/references on this page, for easy access. My email is mishaweha at gmail dot com, and please put SSArtTrade somewhere in the subject line so it doesn't get lost! Or you can just message me on twitter. :o

3. Once you've received your drawing assignment, come here and check out their references/images.

4. Start drawing!

5. Level of Quality: I know we're all different levels, so I'd like to say this; Do your best, without stressing yourself out. Stress defeats the purpose of this exchange. The point is to have fun and give a nice gift! Can we all agree to this? :) I'm willing to put it up to discussion. Think about what you're expecting in return and try to put that amount of effort into your piece. Effort=/=skill as I know we're all different skill levels.

6. Coloring your work is preferred, but greyscale and shaded works are allowed. Just be aware of the amount of effort you're putting forth. Please try to include a background, though a simple one will do.

7. On the 31st, give your gift! Also, link it to me so I can link them all here! (I'll try to get them on the site soon after)! You have until 11:59 PST to give your art. But if something comes up and you think you're going to be late, please let me know, preferrably with an estimate of how late you think you'll be.

Note: Your image does not have to be Summer themed.


Mishaweha References
walkstweets References
Obsidian_Dragon References
Alairthephoenix References

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